Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide- How To Buy The Best One

A vacuuming device can make your house feel cleaner. Buy, you cannot have them all, could you? It’s the reason why we tested vacuums from each category, all in the race to give you a right one; because you will purchase only one. Right? If you are passionate about using a vacuum, then read on to know what are the features you should cover while buying one.


Determine the category of a vacuum that will be perfect for your house cleaning. If you have carpets and rugs around the house, then opt for an upright vacuum, while if you aim for stair cleaning, look for a cylinder vacuum because it will easy to manoeuvre.  Moreover, cylinder vacuums are also active on hard floors.

Handhelds and stick vacuums are perfect for small cleanups and car maintenance. Robot vacuums may appeal you if you do not want to do many things manually.

However, please ensure periodic emptying of dust canister for a full-fledged cleaning process.

vacuum cleaner suction powerSuction Power And Related Features

If a vacuum has motorized brushes in its floor head, it will give you better cleaning because the suction is not the only way of cleaning it’s using. A switch to deactivate the brush movement will be helpful while you clean hard or delicate floors.

Several vacuums come with different suction levels that you can set according to the targeted floors. Automatic height adjustment of the brushes is other features that you should consider.

Bagged and Bagless

If you want to save on purchasing replacement bags, opt for a bagless vacuum. However, a bagless cleaner will need extra cleaning of filters, uniquely if it is equipped with HEPA filtration. If the filters are not washable, you need to spend on their replacements as well. So, look for a filter that can be washed and reused.

On the other hand, if you have asthma or any other allergy, a bagged vacuum will suit you the best. You will not have to handle the dust cleaning; you only have to take the bag out and throw it.

Noise Level

vacuum noise

Keep an eye on the decibels a vacuum produces while cleaning your house. It should not be high to wake up your neighbours. However, the sound might echo depending on the area you are cleaning. Example, a tiled bathroom will comparatively make more sound than the living room.

So, if you have noise sensitivity or high noise bothers you; using a quiet vacuum cleaner is recommended for you. You can read more about the silent vacuum cleaners on vacuumcleaners4u’s buying guide, and you’ll get a detailed guideline on how to find the best low noise vacuum for your apartment.

Filtration System

A large number of vacuums can contain the germs and dust particles that pass through its exhaust to open air. Micron filter tends to be better when compared to standard ones. However, none of the them can surpass the filtration power of HEPA filtration. A vacuum fitted with HEPA filters will benefit individuals who have asthma. Some of the vacuums are not equipped with HEPA, but still, they have efficient screening for allergens and dust particles.

Attachments and Add-ons

Most of the vacuums come with necessary accessories that should suffice almost all the housecleaning tasks. Generally, a vacuum cleaner includes a crevice tool, round brush for regular dusting and an upholstery attachment to clean furniture and other small objects. Cleaner targeted to clean animal features a turbo brush that efficiently picks up animal fur. So, check the add-ons you are getting with a vacuum.

Quick Control for Power Cable

A feature common in canister vacuums allows you to rewind its power cable with a push or button. The function is helpful when you have to roll up a power cable more than 20 meters, which is common in commercial and industrial vacuums. A similar feature is found on uprights with the name of cord release clip, which releases the power cable without the need of manually unwinding it.

Sales and Discounts

You will find extra discounts during the holiday seasons or shopping events like Black Friday or Amazon’s Prime Day. For Prime Day, you have to register for Amazon Prime membership. If you register yourself with Amazon, you will automatically receive the discount notifications on all the products.


Always choose a vacuum from established and renowned brand which provides extended warranty and support. Dyson, Miele, and Vax are three top vacuum manufacturers in the UK market. You will find a variety of cleaners included handheld vacuums, uprights and canisters from these companies.